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Rotary Draw Tube Bender

CNC Rotary Draw Tube Bender with Electric Bend head.

CNC Rotary Draw Tube Bender with Electric Bend head.

CNC Rotary Draw U Tube Bender for up to 40mm.

CNC Rotary Draw Bender for up to 40mm.

Winton Machine’s RD50 50mm CNC tube bender is a PLC controlled 3 axis CNC tube & pipe bender able to make mandrel bends.

The RD10 CNC tube bender is built to bend small diameter tubing including brake lines, refrigeration components, and fuel lines.

Roll Bending

Coil Former for Refrigerator Applications.

The model TR20H tube bender offers programmable bend control on the ram and roll drive as well as CW or CCW coil forming. To ensure the performance of the TR20H, a high resolution encoder ensures the final position of the bend head and linear length rolled.

The TR40 CNC Tube Bender is a precision 2 axis CNC machine roll bender that is designed to impart multiple radii in a single work piece. PLC controlled, this CNC roll bender allows a user to program the straight lengths between bends and the individual bend radii.

Serpentine Bending

The SB series CNC serpentine tube benders are designed for high speed production use. All SB models tube benders provide for serpentine tube bending without the need to rotate the material between bends (R axis plane rotation).

CNC Serpentine Tube Bender for heat transfer applications. Option shown includes a dynamic table.

Tube Cutting

Video of the cut head on the CTL-23PA tube cutting machine.

The CTL-23PA automatic tube cutter comes standard with programmable part quantity and programmable cut length. 80 psi shop air ensures the tube is clamped during the cutting process.

Compression Bending

The Little Bob vertical compression bender is used to bend a single bend angle in a work piece. A tool bar can be added to the machine that will allow multiple bends to be placed in a single work piece.

Video shows round tubing being bent in the Model 300 Verticle Compression Bender.

Video shows square tubing being bent on a Vertical Compression Bender.

Vertical Compression Bender showing 4 bends at a time.

Modular pneumatic tube bender used to make precision bends.

Tube End Forming

Single hit ram type end former used to form various shapes on the end of a tube.

The model E50 tube end former is a production machine used to expand the end of a tube. The end former uses 8 segmented fingers to minimize the tooling marks on the tube as the tube expands.

Tube Straightening

High Speed Systems

High Speed Forming Center.

Winton Machine’s RD20 CNC tube bender is a PLC controlled 3 axis CNC tube & pipe bender able to make mandrel bends. Built in the US, operation of this CNC tube bender is easy.

Custom Tube Fabricating Solutions

Programmable Transfer Machine For High Speed Tube Fabrication.

Extracting a mandrel from a hose crimping operation.

The model DRB25 is a unique roll bender designed to roll multiple layer coils and or coils with one (1) leg in.

The model TW50 twin head tube bending machine is a hydraulic powered rotary compression tube bender intended for production use.

Import Step File from CAD to Tube Bender.

The model DRB25 is a unique roll bender designed to roll multiple layer coils and or coils with one (1) leg in.

Measuring Tube

This digital protractor measures small diameter tubing and semi-rigid coax.

Semi-Rigid Coax Bending


Training Video for Model CX6 Semi Rigid Coax Bender.

Training Video Overview for the Model CX6 All Electric Benchtop Semi-Rigid Coax Bender.

Semi Rigid Coax Bender with Integrated Saw. Video shows the saw portion.

RD5 Semi Rigid Coax Bender with Dual Stack Capability.

Semi-Rigid Coax Cutting

Semi-Rigid Coax Stripping

Semi-Rigid Coax Measuring

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Our factory automation solutions are used to help manufacture the NASA Mars Exploration Rover, Mars 2020, Raytheon Iron Dome Weapon System used to help protect over 8 million people in Israel to mass production of refrigerators built on General Electric assembly lines.

Winton Machine designs and manufacturers all our machinery onsite in Suwanee, Georgia – just northeast of Atlanta. We manufacture over 100 different machines and have also developed our own proprietary software that is used exclusively on Winton Machine products. The company continues to expand our core line of tube and coax fabrication equipment by adding customer-requested features and creating engineered solutions for the specific manufacturing needs of customers.

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