Fabrication Systems – High Speed

Our fully automated tube fabrication systems are designed for high-volume production.  Winton can take your existing fabrication operation and combine several steps into a single fabrication operation.  This is accompllished via a transfer type machne that moves a tube thru a series of specific manufacturing processes.  These engineered systems can reduce production costs while improving your quality for more consistant parts production.  All design and manufacturing is performed in our Georgia facility.

Automatic Twin Head Bender

The Winton Machine USA high-speed twin head bender tube fabrication system makes 2 bends simultaneously, allowing many operations at once.

Model #: 21472-501

Programmable Transfer Machine For High Speed Tube Fabrication

The Programmable High Speed 4 Station Transfer Machine for high volume tube fabrication drops 1 part every 6 seconds.

Model #: 21373

RT23 Rotary Transfer Tube Forming System

The Winton Machine USA RT23 tube processing system allows one operator to feed, straighten, cut, end form, bend over a mandrel, & unload a complete part.

Tube Fabrication Center Assemblies/Forms Parts

Winton Machine USA's automatic machine forms a tube & completes the assembly of five components, making one assembly every six seconds.

Model #: 21315

High Speed Forming Center

Winton Machine USA's automatic tube bender loads a part, makes 7 punched features using 2 mandrels, forms 2 compression bends, & then ejects a 1" OD tube every 6.7 seconds.

Model #: 21311

Automatic Twin Head Tube Bender

Winton Machine USA's newest high speed tube fabrication system saves time & money while improving the quality of your bent tubular parts.

Model #: 21466-504

RD20 CNC Tube Bender with Integrated Tube Cutter

This Winton USA 20mm CNC tube bender is integrated with a tube cutter enabling you to cut & bend a small diameter tube in a single operation.

Model #: 21415-w/Chipless Cutter

High Speed Tube Fabrication System - Adapter Series

This Winton Machine USA tube fabrication system bends tubing, punches & crimps tubes, as well as loads & unloads the tubes for a fully automated process.

Model #: 21436-503 and 21437-503

Automatic Tube Bending + End Forming Center

Winton Machine's automatic tube bender loads a part, makes 7 punched features using 2 mandrels, forms 2 compression bends, & then ejects every 6.7 seconds.

Model #: 21302

Automatic Hopper Loader and Tube Notcher

The Winton Machine USA Automatic Hopper Loader & Tube Notcher high speed tube fabrication system automatically loads tubes then notches at the weld seam.

Model# 21462

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