Automatic Tube Loaders and Unloaders

Automate your tube fabrication by adding a tube loader and/or unloader to reduce your labor time

Tube loaders come in various shapes and sizes. The simplest of all tube loaders is the human loader. The next level up may be an automated single stick tube loader that feeds a fabrication system at an exact moment in time. From there magazine loaders can hold a short supply of blank tubes. Beyond a magazine loader is a world of hopper loaders, bundle loaders and programmable robotic type tube loaders. 

Integrating a tube loader to an existing tube forming process can free up an employee to operate a secondary operation while at the same time the same employee can make sure the loader stays supplied with raw material. 

Hopper Loader for CNC Rotary Benders & End Formers

Winton Machine USA Automatic Rotary Bender & End Former loaders enable a machine to run automatically, increasing productivity, saving time, & money.

Automatic Hopper Loader for Tube Fabrication Machines

The Winton Machine USA Automatic Hopper Loader for tube fabrication machines is a heavy-duty design. Typical throughput is 1 part every 7 seconds.

Automatic Hopper Loader and Tube Notcher

The Winton Machine USA Automatic Hopper Loader & Tube Notcher high speed tube fabrication system automatically loads tubes then notches at the weld seam.

Model# 21462

RD20 eCNC with Loader and Unloader

This CNC tube bender has quick cycles, safety features, and utilizes Winton’s advanced software for design import and bending simulation. Its efficient loading system streamlines production, making it perfect for HVAC and Refrigeration industries.

Model #: 21376-508

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