"We selected Winton Machine because they provided a good piece of equipment and their price met our needs. They really took the time to make sure we all understood how to operate our new machine. It was clear from a customer service standpoint that Winton Machine wanted to make sure we were happy with our choice."

William Darrell
Production Engineer, ITT Corporation

"Winton Machine is very receptive to my needs. They ask intelligient questions - if I have a suggestion that will improve the machine, Winton will incorporate it. They are very knowledgeable and customer-friendly."

Don Cook
Direct Of Engineering, Dynawave

We used to have to precut all of our tubing and then bend each one at a time, having an operator constantly running both machines. With our new OB23 Orbital Bender, however, we can set our parts to bend and the quantity required and the bender will just go. It has made our lives much easier, and is allowing us to keep up with production demands with less overall work.

Joshua Linsky
Electrical Production Supervisor, Haas Automation
Oxnard, CA

Tube & Coax Fabricating Machinery | Winton Machine

About the Machines We Build

Our factory automation solutions are used to help manufacture the NASA Mars Exploration Rover, Mars 2020, Raytheon Iron Dome Weapon System used to help protect over 8 million people in Israel to mass production of refrigerators built on General Electric assembly lines.

Winton Machine designs and manufacturers all our machinery onsite in Suwanee, Georgia – just northeast of Atlanta. We manufacture over 100 different machines and have also developed our own proprietary software that is used exclusively on Winton Machine products. The company continues to expand our core line of tube and coax fabrication equipment by adding customer-requested features and creating engineered solutions for the specific manufacturing needs of customers.

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