CNC Orbital Tube Benders

Feed, Straighten, Cut, Bend, and End Form Tubes in One Operation

Winton’s CNC Orbital tube benders are an all-in-one tube fabrication solution. These multi-operational CNC machine systems can produce a complete fabricated tubular part by feeding, straightening, cutting, bending, end forming, and even drilling. The ability to combine multiple operations into a single footprint allows the end user to increase profitability through reduced cycle time and labor costs. The system with its’ simple user interface utilizes a Windows interface operating system allowing a user to edit programs, view 3D models, run the machine as well as store programs for future use. This CNC tube bender utilizes on board diagnostics and user friendly help screens to help navigate bender functions ensuring that your machine stays operational. This tube fabrication system has the flexibility to be programmed by either directly entering in the LRA values to the PC interface or the user has the option to read in a STEP file direct from CAD. Safety is important and our CNC Orbital tube benders come equipped with a full box guard surrounding the bend head with an interlocking guard door.

Model OB16 CNC Orbital Tube Bender

This all-electric 3 axis Orbital CNC tube bender pulls your aluminum or copper tubing from a spool and cuts and bends it in one single machine.

Model #: 21450-504

Model OB23 Orbital CNC Tube Bender and Tube Cutting Machine

The OB23 Orbital Head CNC Tube Bender cuts and bends tubing in one single operation.

Model #: 21450-505

Model OB23 CNC Orbital Tube Bending System with Integrated Tube End Former

This CNC tube bending machine integrates a tube cutting machine, tube bending machine, and End Former into one single machine.

Model #: 21450-506

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