Hand Benders

To finish the job, Winton offers solutions for making a precision bend by hand.  Consult our factory for options.

NC Series of Semi-Rigid Hand Benders

Winton Machine USA's semi-rigid manual cable bender is able to bend a maximum angle of 185 degrees, & bend the same cable shape time & time again.

Model #: 21161

Dedicated Hand Benders

Winton Machine USA designs & manufactures custom hand benders used to form specific shapes in tubing to produce bends to your specification.

Model #: 21340

HB12 Rotary Draw Hand Bender and/or Wipe Tube Bender

Winton Machine USA's HB12 rotary draw hand bender bends copper & aluminum tubing & semi-rigid coax cable up to 10mm. Versatile, the device is perfect for production or R&D uses.


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