Tube Fabrication Systems

High Speed Tube Fabrication System - Adapter Series

This Winton Machine USA tube fabrication system bends tubing, punches & crimps tubes, as well as loads & unloads the tubes for a fully automated process.

Model #: 21436-503 and 21437-503

Automatic Twin Head Bender

The Winton Machine USA high-speed twin head bender tube fabrication system makes 2 bends simultaneously, allowing many operations at once.

Model #: 21472-501

RT23 Rotary Transfer Tube Forming System

The Winton Machine USA RT23 tube processing system allows one operator to feed, straighten, cut, end form, bend over a mandrel, & unload a complete part.

CB50 CNC Tube Bender - CW/CCW Extrusion Bender

50mm Dual Stack Extrusion CNC Tube Bender designed to make consecutive CW and/or CCW bends in a single work piece.

Model #: 21350

Bellow Cut-off Machine

Winton Machine USA's Bellow Cut-off Machine cuts bellows for tube fabrication in the Automotive, Heavy Duty Off Road Equipment, & Aerospace industries

Model #: 21444-505

Tube Cut-Off Machine with Chamfering Attachment

Cut tubing & chamfer both ends in one seamless operation with the Integrated Tube Chamfering Machine for tube fabriction by Winton Machine USA

Model #: 21390-501 & 21456-505

SFW30 Spine Fin Wrapper

Winton Machine USA's SFW30 Spine Fin Wrapper is a 2 axis CNC machine used to manufacturer short lengths (<16 feet) of spine fin wrapped tubing.

Model #: 21431

Hopper Loader for CNC Rotary Benders & End Formers

Winton Machine USA Automatic Rotary Bender & End Former loaders enable a machine to run automatically, increasing productivity, saving time, & money.

Model ME Mandrel Extractor

Winton Machine USA's hydraulic multi-position jaw Mandrel extractor is used to extract a plug mandrel during hose/fitting crimping operations.

Model #: 21430

Chamfering Tube Cutting System

Winton's tube chamfering attachment enhances efficiency by performing multiple operations, including feeding, straightening, cutting, and deburring tubes in one step. Ideal for industries such as HVAC and automotive, it improves safety and optimizes tube bending operations. This innovative tool is an asset in working with materials like steel, copper, and aluminum.

Model #: 21456-5005

RD20 eCNC with Loader and Unloader

This CNC tube bender has quick cycles, safety features, and utilizes Winton's advanced software for design import and bending simulation. Its efficient loading system streamlines production, making it perfect for HVAC and Refrigeration industries.

Model #: 21376-508

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