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Tube Fabrication Systems

High Speed Tube Fabrication System - Adapter Series

This Winton Machine USA tube fabrication system bends tubing, punches & crimps tubes, as well as loads & unloads the tubes for a fully automated process.

Model #: 21436-503 and 21437-503

Automatic Twin Head Bender

The Winton Machine USA high-speed twin head bender tube fabrication system makes 2 bends simultaneously, allowing many operations at once.

Model #: 21472-501

RT23 Rotary Transfer Tube Forming System

The Winton Machine USA RT23 tube processing system allows one operator to feed, straighten, cut, end form, bend over a mandrel, & unload a complete part.

CB50 CNC Tube Bender - CW/CCW Extrusion Bender

50mm Dual Stack Extrusion CNC Tube Bender designed to make consecutive CW and/or CCW bends in a single work piece.

Model #: 21350

Bellow Cut-off Machine

Winton Machine USA's Bellow Cut-off Machine cuts bellows for tube fabrication in the Automotive, Heavy Duty Off Road Equipment, & Aerospace industries

Model #: 21444-505

Tube Cut-Off Machine with Chamfering Attachment

Cut tubing & chamfer both ends in one seamless operation with the Integrated Tube Chamfering Machine for tube fabriction by Winton Machine USA

Model #: 21390-501 & 21456-505

SFW30 Spine Fin Wrapper

Winton Machine USA's SFW30 Spine Fin Wrapper is a 2 axis CNC machine used to manufacturer short lengths (<16 feet) of spine fin wrapped tubing.

Model #: 21431

Hopper Loader for CNC Rotary Benders & End Formers

Winton Machine USA Automatic Rotary Bender & End Former loaders enable a machine to run automatically, increasing productivity, saving time, & money.

Model ME Mandrel Extractor

Winton Machine USA's hydraulic multi-position jaw Mandrel extractor is used to extract a plug mandrel during hose/fitting crimping operations.

Model #: 21430

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