Vertical Compression Tube Benders

High Speed Tube Bending Machines for Production.  Vertical compression benders work well in production environments. Most machines allow for the changing of dies to accommodate different bend radii and tube diameters. This makes a vertical compression bender flexible among numerous manufacturing tasks. For small diameter tubing, shop air is all that is needed to power these machines. Medical and automotive applications have been benefiting from the all pneumatic approach for decades. 

200H Hydraulic Vertical Compression Tube Bender

The Model 200H is a vertical compression precision tube bender that operates on a 1.7 second cycle time for a 90° bend.

Model #: 200H

Model 300 Vertical Bender

The Winton Machine USA Model 300 tube bender has programmable bend control, 1.7 second cycle timefor a 90° bend, & heavy duty roller bearings.

Model #: 21141

Model 500 Vertical Compression Tube Bender

The Model 500 tube bender has programmable bend control, & allows bending of multiple tubes at once.

Model #: 21141-5XX

Model 200A, Littlebob

It doesn't matter if you are bending 1 or 3 tubes at a time, Little Bob, built by Winton Machine USA, retains its accuracy & production time.

Model #: 21298

Model 2500 Vertical Compression Bender

Designed by Winton Machine USA for high volume tube production, the Model 2500 makes a 90 degree bend in 3 seconds.

Model #: 21303

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