Tube Cutting Machines

Winton offers several CNC controlled tube cut-to-length machines all designed to cut consecutive precision parts.  As part of Winton’s committment to constantly improve we’ve implemented additional features and benefits to our CNC Cutting machines.  In 2018, we enhanced the quality of our cut head based on our customer’s feedback and to meet additional customer requirements.  The series of types of cuts include chipless, carbide saw blade, and abrasive.  The Wet abrasive cutting machine can also cut a variety of hard metals. 

CTL-23PA - CNC Straight Tube Cutoff Machine

Our CTL-23PA is a free standing CNC straight tube cutoff machine that automatically feeds & cuts from a bulk spool of tubing, or straight lengths

Model #: 21390

Model CTL-23PE: CNC Tube Cutoff Machine with Integrated End Former

Winton Machine USA's CTL-23PE reduces labor costs and floor space by integrating your tube cutting & tube end forming process into one machine

Model #: 21471-501

Tube Cut-Off Machine with Chamfering Attachment

Cut tubing & chamfer both ends in one seamless operation with the Integrated Tube Chamfering Machine for tube fabriction by Winton Machine USA

Model #: 21390-501 & 21456-505

CTL-23PA HS - High Speed Tube Cut-Off Machine

The Winton Machine USA High Speed Cut-to-Length Tube Cutting System is an Automatic Feed & Cut machine allowing material feed off a coil.

Model #: 21390-5XX

CTL-30PA Cut-To-Length Tube Cutting Machine

Winton Machine USA's CTL-30PA Cut-To-Length Tube Cutting Machine automatically feeds & cuts-off tubing. With programmable part cut lengths & quantity!

Model #: 21404-505

CTL-25A CNC Wet Abrasive Tube Cut-Off Machine

Winton Machine USA's CTL-25A CNC Wet Abrasive Tube Cut-Off Machine with Flood Coolant is a CNC wet abrasive machine designed to cut hard metals.

Model #: 21440-505

CTL-6S - Benchtop CNC Cut-Off Machine

The Winton USA CTL-6S is a benchtop saw cutter that automatically feeds & cuts straight lengths of tubing, semi-rigid coax, flexible coax, & solid rod.

Model #: 21396

Model CTL-12L Lathe Type Cut-off Machine

Winton Machine USA's CTL-12L automatic, programmable lathe type cut-off machine for highly customizable production.

Model #: 21441

Bellow Cut-off Machine

Winton Machine USA's Bellow Cut-off Machine cuts bellows for tube fabrication in the Automotive, Heavy Duty Off Road Equipment, & Aerospace industries

Model #: 21444-505

Chamfering Tube Cutting System

Winton's tube chamfering attachment enhances efficiency by performing multiple operations, including feeding, straightening, cutting, and deburring tubes in one step. Ideal for industries such as HVAC and automotive, it improves safety and optimizes tube bending operations. This innovative tool is an asset in working with materials like steel, copper, and aluminum.

Model #: 21456-5005

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