CNC Roll Benders

Winton builds a family of CNC roll benders for production. These machines are used to form large multi radius bends in a single work piece. Depending on the machine, tube sizes range from 1mm to 50mm. Some industries that utilize this technology are playground equipment to Automotive, Oil & Gas, and Heat pumps. Being able to form tubular coils quickly for each of these markets is important to keeping cost of goods sold in line. This is where equipment built by Winton makes a difference. We build tube bending equipment to make the bends prior to coiling, the machines to form coils themselves (multi layers), and the tube benders to make the 90° bends after the coils have been formed. Contact us today! We have experience to make a positive difference on your bottom line.

TR20H CNC Roll Bender

The TR20H CNC Roll Bender, designed & built by Winton Machine USA, bends quality coils for industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, & HVAC.

Model #: 21283

TR40 CNC Roll Bender

The TR40 tube bender, designed & manufactured by Winton Machine USA is a precision 2 axis CNC roll bender that imparts multiple radii in a single workpiece.

Model #: 21395

DRB25 CNC Drum Bender

The Winton Machine USA Model DRB25 is a unique production tube bending CNC Coil Bender designed to roll multiple layer coils and or coils with 1 leg in.

Model #: 21402

TR100 CNC Roll Bender

The Model TR100H CNC roll bending machine, designed & built by Winton Machine USA, offers programmable bend control on the ram and roll drive.

Model #: 21304

TR20V CNC Roll Bender

CNC tube bender used to bend up to 2" OD tubing. Winton's RD50 CNC tube bender is designed to make consecutive CW and/or CCW bends in a single work piece.

Model #: 21203

TR20H CNC Pyramid Roll Bender

Winton USA's TR20H CNC Pyramid Roll Bender is extremely unique: it can wind coils in both directions. This 2-in-1 feature negates the need for 2 machines!

Model #: 21336-501

TR50H CNC Roll Bender

Winton's CNC Roll Benders, American-made with advanced microprocessor control and user-friendly interfaces, offer precision bending for various metals, enhancing efficiency and safety for OEMs and Contract Manufacturers.

Model #: TR50H CNC Roll Bender

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