Rotary Draw Pipe & Tube Benders - Mandrel Benders


Winton Machine builds all types of rotary draw tube bending machines.  With or without a mandrel, these machines make precision bends in a single work piece. 

Rotary draw tube bending utilizes tooling or "die sets" which have a constant center line radius (CLR).  Rotary draw benders can be programmable to store multiple bend jobs with varying degrees of bending.

Winton offers CNC Rotary Draw Benders that are either controlled by a PLC or by a Windows Professional Operating System.  Rotary draw benders are the most popular machines for use in bending tube and pipe. Winton Machine’s three axis tube benders are designed for precision bending applications in a wide variety of industries such as HVAC, aerospace, automotive, and the medical industry. 

CNC Rotary Draw bending machines can be very complex and use sophisticated tooling to produce severe bends with high quality requirements. A complete tooling set is required only for high-precision bending of difficult-to-bend tubes.  They tend to have relatively large OD/t (diameter/thickness) ratios and relatively small ratios between the mean bending radius and tube OD.

A Rolling Die prevents excessive thinning and collapse of the tube. The mandrel, with or without balls with spherical links, is mostly used to prevent wrinkles and ovalization. Standard tooling often must be modified in order to meet specific requirements of the products.  CNC rotary draw benders can improve productivity, provide more consistent parts, in turn enabling our customer’s to save money and improve their bottom line. 

Winton offers a wide range of rotary draw benders to fit your budget. To learn more about our products and engineered solutions, please contact us.