Model RD20 eCNC with Loader and Unloader

Model #: 21376-508

This CNC tube bender is made in America and is available with either a hydraulic or electric bend head. Both bend heads provide for a fast bend-to-bend cycle time. A soft clamp can be added to provide additional personnel safety. This clamp will automatically retract when it detects an obstruction when it is closing.

All eCNC models have a compact footprint allowing for less square footage on your manufacturing floor. This robust tube bender allows for part-to-part repeatability. It is equipped with Winton Machine’s newest Windows operating system and comes with direct factory support well after the sale. This includes online training videos enabling you to continue to train new tube bending operators as they are hired.

Your bent tube geometry can easily be imported from CAD using Winton’s optional STEP file converter. Our collision detection software can simulate the bending process, giving you valuable feasibility information and thus helping you reduce scrap.

This CNC tube bender is equipped with a magazine loader that holds up to 30 tubes and an unloader that removes the finished bent tubes. This cuts down on the time and human resources needed to produce your finished parts. The ability to unload a finished bent tube while at the same time loading the next tube is a real time saver.

This engineered system is ideal for production requirements in industries such as HVAC and Refrigeration.

Model RD20 eCNC with Loader and Unloader | Winton Machine

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Safety is a mission-critical part of the continuous improvement culture at Winton Machine Company. Our machines are designed with advanced safety features and are regularly inspected to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. We also provide comprehensive training and resources to ensure your operators are fully equipped to use our machines safely and effectively. As machine safety options evolve, Winton Machine evaluates new safety trends to integrate proven and well-vetted design upgrades in all our machines which are engineered, manufactured and serviced here in the United States.


Standard Equipment:
• Three (3) Axis CNC Control Operating from A Windows PC
• 5 seconds bend to bend (average) provides for efficient part processing – part dependent.
• Unlimited Part Program Storage, Limited by Free Hard Disk Space
• Hydraulic Powered Bend Head (A axis)
• Hydraulic Powered Clamp & Pressure Die
• Closed-loop Feedback Control of “L” (Length), “R” (Rotation), and “A” (Bend Angle)
• Drop-Away Style Clamp Die Holder with Swing Arm Safety Guards
• CW (RH) Bend Arm Rotation –
• Remote Dual Palm Anti-Tie Down Cycle Switches and Safety Mat for Safe Machine Operation
• Servo Controlled Carriage with Pneumatic Gripper for Part Length Positioning and Rotation
• Automatic Part Program Cycle – includes programmable per bend speeds for the L and R movements.
• XYZ To LRA Conversion
• Spring back Compensation
• Magazine loader which loads up to 30 tubes and an unload pneumatic kick-out arm.

Model # Options:


3D Part Viewer Software

Allows for viewing the LRA bend data in 3D graphics before a part is bent on the machine.

Soft Clamp Detection

This feature will cause the clamp die to retract when an unexpected object is detected prior to clamping up on a tube.  Maximum CLR is 2.20”.

Step File Converter Software

Converts ISO 10303 standard 3D STEP files into LRA bender data; STEP files from ProE, Solid Works, Solid Edge, AutoCad Inventor, etc. can be imported directly from your engineering dept.  Requires 3D part viewer option.

Hydraulic Mandrel Extractor

Automatically advances and retracts a plug or ball mandrel

Wiper Die Holder

Used for tight radius bending

Hitch feed

Allows for processing of parts longer than the maximum L axis travel

Collision Detection Software

Allows you determine if the part is bendable on the machine and anticipate cycle time.


Software feature used to overcome a pressure die that is too short

Low Air Pressure Alarm

This option allows a user to know when the system pressure is below the recommended operating pressure

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