SFW30, Spine Fin Wrapper

Product Description
Winton now offers a system to manufacturer short lengths (<16 feet) of spine fin wrapped tubing.  Excellent for heat transfer efficiency, the system can produce a spine fin wrapped tube of various lengths.  The system can accommodate a range of tube diameters from 3/16" to 1-1/8".  The three axis servo driven system allows a user to program the pitch and length of the wrapped tubing...all on the fly.  With the base of the spine fins in firm contact with the tubing, the effective surface area of the tube is greatly increased causing the wrapped tubing to dissipate more heat given a fixed length of tubing.  The system can accommodate a range of materials.  Contact Winton today to discuses your spine fin needs. 

Winton designs, builds, and tube fabrication system for high speed tube fabrication.  Bending, punching, end forming, assembly, and more are configurable on standard transfer platforms. Contact Winton to discuss your application today.
  • Microprocessor controlled with touch screen for the user interface
  • Programmable wrapping pitch & linear processing speed
  • Programmable length of spine fin wrapped tubing
  • System can accommodate a tolerance of ±.010" on the tubing OD
  • Interchangeable tooling
  • 15 minute change over time from one diameter to another
  • Fast load and unload from part to part
  • 3 axis AC servo driven system
  • 220/60/1 service req'd
  • 80 psi shop air req'd
  • All guards included

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Product Video

21431-wrapper from Winton Machine on Vimeo.