20mm CNC Tube Bender – CNC Tube Bending - e Series

Product Description

The Winton RD20 eCNC tube and pipe bender is a PC controlled 3 axis CNC tube and pipe bender able to make mandrel bends. Built in the United States, this CNC tube bender is easy to operate. To get started, the operator programs the distance between bends, the plane rotation between bends and the bend angles. Then, after a tube is loaded, the operator presses a button and production begins. It’s that simple. All 3 axis of motion are closed-loop feedback for excellent repeatability. With the “Regrip” feature, the RD20 eCNC can be configured to make even the most difficult parts. This tube bender provides unlimited part program storage, limited only by free hard disk space.


The RD20 eCNC is very compact and capable of bending copper, aluminum and other metals. It has applications in the refrigeration, HVAC, automotive and many other industries.


To keep the programming of new bent tubular parts to a minimum, the tube bender can be linked direct to engineering.  An optional Windows PC interface for programming the CNC tube bender can read in a CAD generated  STEP file of a bent tube.  That means you can go from a solid model to a bent tube in seconds.  This helps cut down on programming time and data entry errors.  Therefore, there is never a need to type into the controller the tube’s LRA or XYZ data points.  The CNC tube bender’s controller can read a STEP file and extract the LRA (YBC) bend data,  centerline radius, as well as the parts cut length.   This saves programming time and makes your life easier.  Tube bending should be easy.  The Winton RD20 eCNC tube & pipe  bender makes it that way.Winton Machine’s RD20 CNC tube bender is a PLC controlled 3 axis CNC tube & pipe bender able to make mandrel bends.  Built in the US, operation of this CNC tube bender is easy.  To get started, you program the distance between bends, the plane rotation between bends, and the bend angles.  Load a tube, press a button and production begins.  

  • Exceptional customer support
  • CNC rotary draw tube bending:  closed-loop feedback on the L, R, and A axis
  • Compact footprint
  • Drop-away style clamp:  provides clearance for CNC tube bending
  • Able to import from CAD for processing, optional
  • 36” (914mm)over mandrel bending
  • Designed with standard valves, cylinders, relays, and sensors
  • Interlocked safety guards included on both sides of swing arm


 The Winton Promise

Winton is committed to supplying its customers with high quality products that have a positive impact on your production process. We offer installation services and ongoing support on all our products to make sure they continue to work with your processes. Winton's engineered solutions create new innovative machines as well as adaptions for existing ones. We will customize our standard products to meet your specific needs. Contact us today.