Model RW30 NC Rotary Wipe Bender engineered with an Electric Bend Head

Product Description

This NC Rotary Wipe Bender is engineered with a mandrel extractor for efficient single bend processing.  The machine is ideal for secondary operations such as putting the last bend on a complicated part.  An electric powered bend head was designed into this machine to increase the efficiency of the cycle time.  This NC Rotary Wipe Bender comes standard with a safety clamp to ensure safe machine operation.  See the product video for details on this feature.

Product Details

• Electric Powered Bend Head
• Hydraulic Powered In-Line Style Clamp and Pressure Die Holders
• Mandrel Extractor Mounted On Swing Arm - Hydraulic Powered
• Machine Base Length to Be No Longer Than Four Feet
• Dual optical switches for “cycle start”
• Single Push Button for “Cycle Start”, includes “E” stop
• Automatic Cycle - using a push button, operator initiates the bend cycle whereby the tools close, mandrel advances, programmed bend angle is made, mandrel retracts and swing arm returns to home position all in one automatic cycle
• Machine Cycle Time - cycle time for 90° bends 5 - 6 seconds
• Tool Change Time - tool change from one tube diameter to another is 10 - 15 minutes


RW30 NC Mandrel Wipe Bender with Electric Bend Head
Product Video

361 Electric Bend from Winton Machine on Vimeo.