Model OB16 CNC Orbital Tube Bender

Product Description

Winton's Model OB16 is an all-electric 3 axis Orbital CNC tube bender that pulls your copper or aluminum tubing from a bulk spool, straightens it, bends it, and drops off a completely severed part.  The OB16 cuts and bends copper tubing up to 5/8" OD and cuts and bends aluminum tubing up to 5/8" OD.

Product Details


Safety is a top priority at Winton.  There are several standard safety features built into this CNC bender.  Standard on the machine is an interlocked boxed safety guard.  Additional safety options are available.


A simple to use Windows® PC interface operating system allows a user to edit programs, view 3D models and run the machine as well as store programs for future use. The OB16 utilizes on-board diagnostics and user friendly help screens to help navigate bender functions ensuring that your machine stays operational.~~simple to use Windows® PC interface


This Orbital tube bender eliminates the need for 2 separate machines reducing your manufacturing footprint and the need for 2 operators.  The payoff supports a bulk spool of tubing which eliminates the need to purchase pre-cut straight lengths of tubing reducing your material costs This machine allows you to increase your profitability through reduced cycle time and labor costs.


The OB16 can be programmed by either directly entering the tubes geometry into the PC interface or the user has the option to read in a STEP file direct from CAD. Either way, the machine is simple to program.





16mm Orbital CNC tube bender