HB12 Rotary Draw Hand Bender and/or Wipe Tube Bender

Product Description

Two Options: Standard Rotary Draw Hand Bender or Dedicated Production-Ready Hand Bender

Winton Machine offers a standard rotary draw hand bender that makes use of interchangeable tooling. The base unit is crafted from quality steel. The HB12 hand bender comes standard with an adjustable bend stop (see photo). An optional plug mandrel support and/or pre-bend stop assembly are offered for producing quality bends.

Winton also offers dedicated production-ready tooling to bend the same tubular shape time and time again. The HB12 can also be used to bend semi-rigid coax cable up to 10mm. This hand bender is ideal for both R&D and production environments as it holds a specific set of dimensions per a drawing.

Every HB12 built, dedicated or standard, is able to bend a maximum angle of 185 degrees for tubing and 10mm for coax. If you don't see what you need below, please ask! We offer custom solutions to help you bend your small diameter tubing or coax. Open the PDF file to see all the tooling part numbers available.

Winton Machine: a Global Leader in Tube Bending Machines

All are bending machines are designed and tested in-house. We at Winton Machine are proud of the quality of every tube and coax bender sold. Contact us today and ask how our semi-rigid coax or tube bending machines will translate into quality bent tubing on your shop floor. 

Details: Rotary Draw Hand Bender

  • Capacity: 1/2" OD X .049 wall mild steel on a 2*OD centerline bend radius
  • Maximum centerline radius: 2”
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Bend angle repeatability: ± .25°
  • Bending process: both rotary draw or wipe bending
  • Clamping: Over center toggles on clamp and pressure die
  • Mounting: vise or bench
  • Optional: plug mandrel support
  • Optional: pre-bend stops - adjustable for production use
  • Optional: custom tooling
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