CTL-25A CNC Wet Abrasive Tube Cut-Off Machine

Product Description

Programmable Automatic Feed & Cut Abrasive Cutting System with Flood Coolant Delivery System

The CTL-25A is a cnc wet abrasive machine designed to cut hard metals.  Materials such as stainless and Inconel are just a few of the metals suited for this cutting process.  The cutting process makes use of a thin 9” diameter abrasive wheel.  The constant flood coolant helps make sure the cut is near clean with minimal burr. 

The cut lengths are programmable on the fly. Just enter the length, press the cycle button, and production will start. Contact Winton today to see how this process will reduce your cost of goods sold.

Model CTL-25A Automatic Feed & Cut - Standard Equipment:

  • Wet abrasive cutting system includes flood coolant delivery system
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Closed loop feedback system used to feed (index) material forward
  • 3900 rpm abrasive blade used to cut material
  • Air over oil cross feed for smooth cutting action
  • Programmable material feed rate (1 thru 5)
  • Programmable part cut length (inch/millimeters)
  • Programmable number of parts to cut
  • Programmable saw cut time
  • Programmable compensation for changes in a cutting wheel’s diameter (wear compensation)
  • (2) independent pneumatic grippers for material support while cross feed is cutting material
  • Material low indicator switch used to detect end of material/bar stock
  • Top cover guard must be in position to operate saw blade (electrical interlock)
  •  (1) abrasive saw blade included


Product Details

Features/Specifications - Standard: 

Machine Feed length repeatability ± .25 mm (0.010 in, based on smooth surface
Maximum rod cross section 25mm (1”)
Maximum cut length 999.99 mm (999.99 in)
Weight 310 Kg (685 lbs)
Operators manual PDF version on flash drive
User interface Keypad and display
Electrical supply required 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, three phase
Pneumatic Supply Required 550 kPa (80 psi) shop air



Wet Abrasive Cutoff Machine