Winton Machine Elevates Brian Sosebee to Engineering Manager

by | Mar 14, 2024 | News

Metro Atlanta, March 5, 2024 – Winton Machine Company, an American manufacturer designing and building automated solutions for semi-rigid coax and tube fabrication, is pleased to announce the promotion of Brian Sosebee from Senior Mechanical Engineer to Engineering Manager.

“As we look ahead, we are confident entrusting Brian with this higher level role to manage ongoing technical advancements but to also help position us more competitively,” said Lisa Winton, CEO.

Since joining Team Winton, Sosebee has been enhancing engineering documentation practices, recognizing its pivotal role in streamlining operations such as tech support and parts ordering. By focusing on creating more precise and more detailed drawings, Winton Machine is making substantial progress toward optimizing these critical processes. The ultimate goal is to ensure Winton’s technical support team has access to comprehensive and accurate information, making their customer support more effective. Simultaneously, the improvement in documentation aids in expediting the parts ordering process, further contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Sosebee shared, “I naturally align with Winton’s core value of helping others, as I have always found joy in training, mentoring and assisting those around me. Whether providing technical support, guiding newer engineers or helping production staff overcome challenges, I derive great satisfaction from problem-solving while empowering others to develop the same skills.”

His inclination to solve problems while inspiring and supporting others reflects his commitment to creating a positive and collaborative work environment. Sosebee’s dedication to helping and empowering others mirrors Winton’s values and contributes to the team’s overall success and unity.

“As part of my higher level of responsibilities, I plan to implement a straightforward yet robust process that guides our projects from conceptualization to delivery. By establishing clear milestones for each project, we create a structured framework for our internal workflow and provide transparent updates to our customers throughout the process. This strategic shift aims to foster a more collaborative team dynamic to meet customer expectations,” Sosebee explained.

Winton Machine Company President, George Winton, shared, “I look forward to my continued collaboration with Brian and am committed to supporting him as he works closely with customers. I am confident in Brian’s ability to serve as a team leader while contributing to Winton’s overall operational efficiency to best serve our customers.”

About Winton Machine

Celebrating its 25th year in business in 2023, Winton Machine Company is an American owned and operated company designing and building factory automation for semi-rigid coax and tube fabrication based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Winton Machine Company, founded by Lisa and George Winton in 1997, designs and manufactures machinery to enable its customers to fabricate tubular parts and coaxial cable assemblies for their products. They work with customers in a wide range of industries such as Refrigeration, HVAC, Construction, Aerospace, Space Exploration, Furniture, Medical, Recreational, Electronics and more.

Their factory automation solutions are used to help manufacture the NASA Mars Exploration Rover, Mars 2020 and the Raytheon Iron Dome Weapon System used to help protect over 8 million people in Israel. Their machines produce OEM parts for the mass production of refrigerators built on General Electric assembly lines.

The mission at Winton Machine is to design and build tube and coax fabricating machinery that adds value to our customer’s bottom line; to provide a stable and healthy environment for all our team members; to be known throughout the industry for delivering systems backed by expert and expedient technical support.

Winton Machine proudly represented the State of Georgia at the “2018 Made in America Product Showcase” held at the White House in Washington, D.C. Winton Machine was recognized by the Gwinnett Chamber as the 2018 Pinnacle Small Business Overall Winner and Best Small Business of the Year: 25+ Employees. Winton Machine also received the 2019 Gwinnett Chamber IMPACT Regional Business Award for Small Business. Several other state and local organizations have also recognized Winton Machine for their contributions to Georgia’s manufacturing industry and their economic impact domestically and internationally.

For more information, please visit or call them at 770-831-1917.

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