Automatic Twin Head Tube Bender

Product Description

When analyzing your manufacturing costs this automatic fabrication center is a wise solution.  You can drastically decrease your scrap material costs with 98+% accuracy as a result of an integrated weld seam detection system.  The hopper loader can speed up your overall process and reduce labor costs.  The twin head bender is completely programmable allowing you flexibility.  This automated process allows you to make repeatable bent parts with just one operator. 

Product Details

This Tube Bending System includes:
• PLC controlled with touch screen user interface  -  includes on-board diagnostics
• Width adjustment for the entire system that accommodate part lengths 25” - 72”
• Hopper loader
• Weld seam detector for clocking the tube prior to bending
• 2 axis electric servo pick-n-place for minimal part to part cycle time
• Independent programmable bend heads allow for numerous bent configuration
• Made in the USA


Automated Twin Head Bender