Automatic Twin Head Bender

Product Description

Winton's newest manufacturing solution allows one operator to complete multiple operations simultaneously - Saving YOU Time, Labor, and  Floorspace.  This high-speed twin head bender is fully programmable enabling the user to make 2 bends simultaneously. The tube fabrication system incorporates a bundle hopper loader, punching station, weld seam detector, end former, and automatic unloader.

This tube fabrication solution is ideal for fabricating farm gates, a variety of railings, and any application with the proper geometry up to 2" in diameter.

Product Details

Automatic Twin-Head Bending System, includes:

  •  PLC controlled with touch screen user interface  -  up to 50 part programs can be stored  -  each program contains the locations for all (4) servo length adjustments  -  all four lengths are automatically adjusted at the same time.
  • Springback compensation program
  • Bundle Hooper Loader  -  holds bundle of straight 1.625” OD x .065 & .083 walls steel tubes x 212” (ref) maximum length  -  series of “dogs” on a moving belt transfers tubes from hopper bin to staging area where tubes are right justified  -  includes servo leadscrew adjustment for setting 3’ thru 10’ center length positions.
  • Magnetic Flux Weld Seam Detector
  • Double Bending Heads - (2) 90° bends made simultaneously.
  • Ejection - completed part ejected onto rack.
  • Double End Expander - produces expansions in both ends of tube simultaneously.
  • Double End Mandrel Hole Punch - thru holes are mandrel punched on both tube ends simultaneously.
Fully Programmable Twin Head Bender