Winton Machine Covered in Ongoing NPR Story About American Businesses and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Update May 18, 2021

NPR continues their ongoing coverage of Winton Machine Company as part of their "All Things Considered" segment: "American Indicators Check-In: The Faces And Stories Behind The Economic Statistics".

You can listen to the second update here:

You can find the full article on NPR's website.

Original Article Posted March 10, 2021

Winton Machine Company StaffNPR has published an interview with Lisa Winton, co-owner of Winton Machine Company, for their piece featuring American businesses and how they have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic: 'American Indicators: The Faces And Stories Behind The Economic Statistics'.

In her interview, Lisa details how some industries – many of which are served by Winton Machine – have seen increased demand during the pandemic, as many Americans spend less money on travel and restaurants, and more on durable goods like refrigerators and outdoor furniture.

This growing demand for machinery that fabricate and bend tubing has led to an increase in production for Winton Machine. However, the manufacturing industry at large has seen its share of challenges and uncertainty.

See the full article here, and listen to Lisa’s interview on NPR’s program ‘All Things Considered’ (audio embedded below).