Winton Machine Announces Its 25th Year Anniversary as a USA Manufacturer

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Showing remarkable economic resilience as a small manufacturer combined with their never ending pursuit of continuous improvement, Winton Machine Company has successfully achieved 25 years in business.

Metro Atlanta, GA March 2, 2023 – Winton Machine Company, an international designer and manufacturer of semi-rigid coax and tube fabrication machines, is delighted to announce its 25th year anniversary.

As a first-generation manufacturer, Winton Machine was founded in 1997 by company owners, Lisa and George Winton, in the basement of their home in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The company started by designing and building dedicated hand bending fixtures. Over the next 12 months, it acquired a variety of metal fabrication machinery and soon the Winton’s basement machine shop was filled with equipment and supplies. A few short months later, Winton Machine received its initial tube fabrication machinery order and the company moved into its first manufacturing facility.

On March 3, 1998, the company name officially changed from Winton Machine & Tool Company to Winton Machine Company. In 1998, George custom developed and launched their first website. In 2023, Winton Machine is proud to have launched its fourth-generation website.

In the past 25 years, the company has expanded using Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and has moved to a larger facility four times and plans to again expand in 2024. In 1999, they hired their first full-time employee. Today, Winton Machine employs over 40 people and actively supports internships and apprenticeships.

Their first international order, the Winton RD-19 Bender (a rotary draw tube bending machine), was shipped in March of 2000 to a Canadian customer. The same year, the Winton Model RD-40 tube bender was designed and built for a South Korean customer. Its shipment in 2001 presented new challenges since George had to disassemble it and then reassemble it after it was delivered. It’s noteworthy to mention their customer in South Korea found Winton Machine via the first company website.

Winton is one of the few remaining 100% U.S. designed and manufactured producers of tube fabrication machinery. Offering a full line of standard and customizable tube fabrication machines that feed, cut, bend, expand, form, offload, and much more enables its customers to have as little or as much automation to meet their production requirements.

In 2004, George and his team designed and built their first coax fabricating machine per a referral from the United States Department of Commerce. A complete line of coax machines was shipped to a customer in China. Winton now has a complete line of semi-rigid coax fabrication machinery consisting of bending, stripping, cutting, pointing, and measuring machines they ship to customers worldwide.

Their factory automation solutions are used to help manufacture the NASA Mars Exploration Rover, Mars 2020 and the Raytheon Iron Dome Weapon System used to help protect over eight million people in Israel. Their machines produce OEM parts on production lines of furniture, Residential and Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration products, Medical products, Recreational vehicles, Aerospace, Satellite communications, Space exploration, Lawn and Garden equipment, Earth moving equipment, Playground equipment, and much more.

Winton Machine proudly represented the State of Georgia at the 2018 Made in America Product Showcase held at the White House in Washington, D.C. In 2019, Winton Machine was recognized by the Gwinnett Chamber as the IMPACT Regional Business Award for Small Business. Winton Machine was awarded the Gwinnett Chamber 2018 Pinnacle Small Business Overall Winner and Best Small Business of the Year: 25+ Employees. Winton Machine was a finalist in the 2018 Metro Export Challenge sponsored by the Metro Atlanta Chamber. Several other state and local organizations have also recognized Winton Machine for their contributions to Georgia’s manufacturing industry and their economic impact domestically and internationally.

George Winton, Co-founder and President of Winton Machine, said “We feel strongly about being a local manufacturer and bringing jobs to Georgia. Our company is built on integrity—doing what is best for the customer—and providing complete solutions. One of our key competitive advantages is that we can modify our existing machine designs as well as engineering new solutions.”

“We’re grateful to our diverse team and their hard work and contributions. We’re thankful for our customers and their investment in American made solutions. It’s the feedback of our team and customers that enables us to continuously improve,” stated Lisa Winton, Co-founder and CEO of Winton Machine.

About Winton Machine Company

Winton Machine Company designs and manufactures machinery to enable its customers to fabricate tubular parts and semi-rigid coax cable for their products. They work with customers in a wide range of industries such as Refrigeration, HVAC, Construction, Aerospace, Furniture, Medical, Electronics and more.

The mission at Winton Machine is to design and build tube and coax fabricating machinery that adds value to our customer’s bottom line; to provide a stable and healthy environment for all our team members; to be known throughout the industry for delivering systems backed by expert and expedient technical support.

Media Contact:
Lisa Winton, Winton Machine Company, Co-founder & CEO
Suwanee, Georgia, USA

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