Winton Machine Announces a Safety Clamp for Rotary Draw Tube Benders

by | Sep 30, 2018 | News

Lisa Winton, CEO, Winton Machine Company
770-831-1917 | [email protected]

Metro Atlanta, Georgia – Winton Machine Company has announced a safety clamp feature on its rotary draw bender line of equipment that is capable of preventing an operator’s hand from being caught by the clamping motion. The new clamp provides an electrical and mechanical safeguard and is integral to the machine. The clamp is not dependent on human action or inaction.

“This device can prevent the loss of a finger,” stated George Winton, President and Lead Engineer at Winton Machine. “As the clamp comes in and approaches a tube, the system moving the clamp die in has the ability to stop early in the event when it senses an obstruction prior to the final clamping of the tube. “

Because the clamp die on a tube bending machine clamps with thousands of pounds of pressure, injuries resulting from the misplaced fingers of operators can be permanent and life-altering. The new safety clamp can prevent injury to even the most negligent of operators. “I think we’ve all heard the horror stories associated with industrial machinery,” said Winton. “By incorporating this safety feature into our machines, we can rest more easily knowing that the likelihood of an incident on our machines is drastically reduced.”

About Winton Machine Company

George and Lisa Winton built their first machine in the basement of their home in Lawrenceville, Georgia in 1997. Winton now manufactures over 100 different machines which use their proprietary software. George Winton is a Professional Engineer with over 22 years of experience designing industrial machinery.

The company continues to expand its line of tube and coax fabrication equipment. Engineered solutions often become standard features on many of the machines. Winton has over 500 customers in the United States and in countries across Europe, South America and Asia. Winton Machine partners with agents in Russia, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, Egypt, Poland, Japan and France.

Winton specializes in providing engineered solutions in major industries such as HVAC/Refrigeration, Aerospace, Electronics, Microwave and Military.  Winton is privileged to serve top companies and organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Learn more at

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