Pre-Swaging and Crimping Devices

By pre-swaging a fitting(s) onto a tube, it solves three problems.  First, it allows users to pre-install the fittings at a sub assembly level.  By doing so, it gives the operator a chance to inspect the quality of the crimped assembly after the tubular assembly is removed from the pre-swaging device.  Secondly, it allows a user to pre-install the loose fittings on a tube so that the tube and fitting are now one assembly thus making it easier to handle (transport) to the next assembly level.  Thirdly, it takes less torque to install the fluid connection at the final assembly stage if the fitting are first pre swaged on the tube.  Final assembly is most often accomplished by using hand tools (manual operation).  The less torque the better at this stage. These devices are ideal for manufacturers who incorporate fluid system products in their products.