Tube Fabrication Center Assemblies/Forms Parts

Product Description
The tube forming cell makes use of a linear transfer process to move the parts thru the tube forming cell.  The transfer system is fed by 3 Winton high-speed loaders + a bowl feeder.
The PLC allows the overall system to change over to another part configeration in seconds.The automatic machine forms a tube and completes the assembly of 5 components 1 assembly every 6 seconds.
  • Tube Bending Capacity: Customer Specified
  • Bend Repeatability: ± 0.2°
  • Load process: Drop bundle of tubes/components into hopper with forklift
  • Cycle time: 6 seconds
  • User interface: Allen Bradley PV550
  • Walking beam: 2 axis servo driven
  • Bending process: precision roll bender
  • Microprocessor controlled via Allen Bradley
  • Heavy duty linear ball bearings guide all linear motions

Tube Fabrication Center Winton Machine
Product Video

21315-Electro from Winton Machine on Vimeo.