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RD Series Rotary Draw Tube Bender Machine Training Videos

Dual Palm Stand

Hitch Feeding With Regrip on Bend #3

Machine Installation

PC Interface - Main Screen

PC Interface - Manual - Faults - Homing

PC Interface - Part Counter - Bend Specific Data

PC Interface - Pull Down Menus

Servo Carriage

Tooling Setup

Trouble Shooting - Prox Sensors

Drill Overview

Drill Adjustments

Drill Chips & Feed Control

Drill PC Interface & Overall Requirements


CTL Series Cutoff Machine Training Videos (Chipless Type Cut)

> Changing the Cams

> Changing the Clamps & Cutter

> Cut Head Overview

> Depth of Cut - Depth + Pull Cut Overview

> Guard Door & Vertical Plane

> Roll Dies & Encoder Wheel

> Startup Overview

Startup & Loading Material

> User Interface

Adjusting the End Forming Head's Position

Changing the Cutter - Start to Finish


Ram End Forming Machine Training Videos

> General Overview

> Safety Features

> Flag Stop & Tooling Operation

> User Interface, Overview

> User Interface, Manual mode

> User Interface, Run Mode and Reset


CX6 CNC Semi-Rigid Bending Machine Training Videos

> Connecting Power and the PC to the Bender

Homing the Bender

Hitch Feeding + the Saw, Processing a Cable

Hitch Feeding, Processing a Cable

Machine Overview Including the Bend Head, Carriage, and Safety

Machine Overview Including the PLC, Bend Head, Carriage, and More

Machine Overview - Bend Tooling

PC Interface 1

PC Interface 2

PC Interface 3

PC Interface 4

PC Interface 5

Step to Part - How to Read in a Step file

Keypad & Display on the Bender 1

Keypad & Display on the Bender 2

Keypad & Display on the Bender 3

Keypad & Display on the Bender 4

Keypad & Display on the Bender 5

Tooling Setup 1

Tooling Setup 2

Tooling Setup 3


OB Series Tube Bending Machine Training Videos

Safety On the Orbital Tube Bender

Startup - Connecting Power

Straightening Overview

Hitch & Cut Head Overview

Bend Tooling - Overview

Adjusting the Bend Head for the Centerline Bend Radius

Changing Cut Head Tooling

Changing Roll Dies & Guide Tube

Changing the Cutter Cams

PC Main Screen

PC Manual Screen

PC Run & Drop Down Menus

PC Specific Bend Information


RD5 CNC Coax Cable Bender Training Videos

RD5 General Overview 01

RD5 General Overview 02

RD5 Hitch Feed Bending Demo

RD5 PC Interface Overview 01

RD5 PC Interface Overview 02

RD5 PC Interface Overview 03

RD5 PC Interface Overview 04

RD5 PC Interface Overview 05

RD5 Tooling Overview 01

RD5 Tooling Overview 02

RD5 Tooling Overview 03


CTL25A High Speed Wet Abrasive Type Cutoff Training Videos

> Main Cut Head

> Hitch Feed Overview

> Tooling

> Changing the Blade

> Safety Overview

Magazine Bar Loader Overview

Touchscreen Interface

Hitch Feed - Setup - Making Parts, 1 of 2

Hitch Feed - Change Over - Making Parts, 2 of 2


CTL6S High Speed Automatic Saw Type Cutoff Training Videos

Overview: Material Low Switch, Roll Drive & Clamps

Changing the Saw Blade

Overview: User Interface

Overview: User Interface, Run Mode


Vertical Compression Bender Training Videos

Overall Tool Change Process

Running Parts

User Interface Overview

User Interface - Program Storage

User Interface - Manual Mode

User Interface - Run Mode


Overview & Maintenance



CS6 Coax Stripper Training Videos

Overview - Tooling 1

Overview - Tooling 2

Maintenance - Y Axis

User Interface 1

User Interface 2