TR20H CNC Pyramid Roll Bender

Product Description

The Newest Model in the Winton Machine CNC Roll Bender family

The TR20H CNC Pyramid Roll Bender is extremely unique in that it can wind coils in both directions. This two-in-one feature negates the need for two machines, providing a cost-effective alternative while also increasing production time. In addition to winding coils, this programmable CNC roll bender has a hydraulic ram with the capability to roll a part with multiple radii.

Attached with a Laser Counter, Winton Machine's TR20H CNC Pyramid Roll Bender assures precision and reliability by counting the number of coils being bent. Time saving easy-to-do interchangeable tooling takes 5 minutes or less. Built-in coil forming software produces cost-effective and economical coils to streamline your process.

This machine is popular amongst industries such as HVAC, refrigeration, playground equipment, Automotive, Oil & Gas, and Heat pumps. Copper, titanium, and stainless steel are the most common materials used when bending coils.

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Product Details
  • Microprocessor controlled CNC 2-axis drive system with closed loop feedback
  • Programmable number of coils, leading straight length and final straight length.      
  • Programmable hydraulic ram that allows for multiple-radius bending in a single part
  • All rolls are powered for maximum transfer contact
  • Control with large LCD keypad for user interface - 100 part program storage
  • Linear ball bearings guide the center roll die
  • Heavy duty roller bearings guide all three spindles
  • Stout steel frame constructed of 3 x 3 x ¼ wall tubing
  • NEMA enclosure used to contain all electrical components
  • Safety guard(s) with machine interlocks


TR20H CNC Pyramid Roll Bender