TR100 CNC Roll Bender

Product Description

The model TR100H tube bending machine offers programmable bend control on the ram and roll drive. To ensure the performance of the TR100H, a high resolution encoder ensures the final position of the linear length rolled. Winton Machine has designed the TR100H tube bending machine to allow for simple user operation via a keypad and display. Winton Machine has been building tube benders for over a decade. From its stout structural frame to its high resolution encoders, the TR100H continues to bend quality parts for industries such as furniture, play ground equipment, and boating applicaitons.

  • Tube Bending Capacity: 4" OD x .188" wall Steel.
  • Repeatability: .003 on linear ram movement
  • Pitch control: manual support adjustments
  • Weight: 5500 lbs.
  • Footprint: 86" long x 60" wide
  • Max. Pressure: 2000 psi @ 7 1/2 hp
  • Roll drive: 15 hp
  • Microprocessor controlled servo ram: program up to 30 ram/roll moves
  • Manually controlled 2nd ram with digital readout
  • Keypad & display (24 keys) for user input
  • Fast production bending, variable speed control on roll and ram drive
  • High-resolution encoder, direct drive to roll dies
  • Heavy duty linear ball bearings guide ram head
  • Multi-radius bending, programmable
  • Off line programming, optional
  • Dual palm switches (optional)
  • Optional Loader Available


TR100 CNC Roll Bender, Tube Bending Machine Winton Machine
Product Video

21304-video 22 from Winton Machine on Vimeo.