RD50 CNC Mandrel Tube Bender - Bends CW & CCW

Product Description

Winton's RD50 CNC tube bender is designed to make consecutive CW and/or CCW bends in a single work piece. An XY servo controlled head shifter positions the bend head in the correct orientation with respect to the material being bent. Therefore, the material being bent only moves in a horizontal plane towards the bend tooling and never up or down. This is important when bending extrusions.

Controlled using a Windows-based interface, an optional STEP file converter will allow a user to import CAD model of a bent tube directly into the tube bender thus eliminating the need to manually enter LRA or XYZ data from a drawing. That means the latest bend data is imported directly from engineering into the tube bender. The benefits are minimal process time, significant reduced labor costs, and consistent fabricated parts.

About the Machines We Build
All tube benders are designed and tested in-house. We use standard purchased components to build every tube bending machine. We at Winton are proud of the quality of every tube bender sold. Please, call us today and ask how the quality of the tube bending machines we build will translate into quality bent tubing on your shop floor.

Product Details
  • Model: CB50 CNC tube bender

  • Capacity: 50mm OD tubing

  • 4 axis servo controlled

  • Optional R axis available (plane rotation)

  • End chuch or hitch feeding available

  • Leading edge part detector use clock part in bender

  • Both CW and CCW tube bending

  • Programmable post bent material support (consult factory,optional)

  • Optional mandrel extractor

  • Optional double stack tooling

  • Optional split die actuator

  • 3D Model Viewer for LRA Data Verification - Optional


Winton RD50 CNC Tube Bender with expanded functionality