RD5 CNC Semi-Rigid Coax Bending Machine

Product Description

3 Axis CNC Bender Designed to Bend Semi-Rigid Cable

The RD5 bends semi-rigid cable using a rotary wipe process. This technique has proven to be the most gentle bending technique on the semi-rigid cable providing for excellent signal transmission when the cable is in its final assembly. The collet closer that holds the coax during the bending process is designed specifically to grip yet be gentle on the cable’s outside jacket. The design of the carriage spindle allows the end of the coax cable to get right up next to the bend tooling on the very last bend. This often translates into avoiding a trimming operation after bending.

Software that is Powerful & Easy to Use

Software features include hitch feed, pause before bend, XYZ to LRA conversion, interference checking, 3 axis per bend speed settings and more. An optional STEP file converter allows a user to read in a CAD generated STEP file direct from CAD right into the bender’s controller. This eliminates the need to type in the cable’s bend data standing at the RD5's controllers. Simply read in the 3 dimensional bend data direct from your CAD system and the bender is ready to run. It’s that simple.


Product Details

Features & Details

The RD5 CNC coax bending machine is built to bend semi-rigid coax cable. Production ready, with or without a manual saw, this three axis all electric coax bender uses a Windows interface for operator control. The coax bender comes standard as a single radius CNC bender. An optional dual stack or triple stack bend head allows a user to bend coax using two different radii.

  • Capacity: 6mm OD coax cable
  • 3 axis servo controlled - lighting fast production
  • Hitch feed and end chucking
  • Programmable  L, R and A speeds per bend
  • Safety guards included
  • PC interface for programming & machine control
  • STEP file converter for efficient programming - optional
  • Multi-part programming - optional
  • Saw: Automatic or manual - optional
  • Dual Stack Bending - optional
  • Automatic loader - optional
  • Remote operator stand - optional
  • 3D Model Viewer for LRA Data Verification - optional

Winton Machine: a Global Leader in Coax Bending Machines

The RD5 is fast, accurate, and repeatable. Designed and built in the US, this coax bender is production ready. Give us a call with your application. We are here to help.

All coax bending machines are designed and tested in house. We use standard purchased components to build every coax bending machine. We at Winton are proud of the quality of every coax bender sold. Please, call us today and ask how the quality of the bending machines we build will translate into quality bent coaxial parts on your shop floor. 

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