RD20 eCNC with Serpentine Bend Head

Product Description
Winton’s line of eCNC mandrel tube benders are now available with an optional serpentine bend head. The low profile bend head provides the necessary clearance required for bending a serpentine profile.Both the swing arm that supports the clamp die and pressure die stage are designed to allow a serpentine bend to clear the dies as the dies move in and out.

The serpentine bend head also includes software features for making back to back (serpentine) bends.  The figure below show the PC interface with a check box to let the controller know that a serpentine profile is being programmed. When the "serpentine" check box is active in the Window screen above, the controller automatically adjusts for the necessary clearances to form a serpentine profile.

All eCNC tube benders are all 3 axis CNC tube benders with the capability of making mandrel bends.  Other options include a PC interface for programming, a STEP file converter for reducing programming errors, hitch feeding, and XYZ to LRA conversion.

  • Model: RD20 eCNC tube bender
  • 3 axis closed loop CNC bending
  • 3 CNC tube benders available to bend 20, 30, and 50mm diameter tubing
  • Drop-away clamp die holder for better part clearance
  • Over center toggle locking clamp and pressure die – stout holding
  • Optional mandrel extractor
  • Optional PC interface with STEP file converter – reduces programming time
  • Designed with common components
RD20 ECNC with Serpentine Bend Head
Product Video

21376-Vserpentine from Winton Machine on Vimeo.