High Speed 20mm CNC Tube Bender e-Series

Product Description

The Winton RD20 eCNC High Speed tube & pipe bender is a PLC controlled 3 axis CNC tube & pipe bender able to make mandrel bends.  Built in the U.S., operation of this CNC tube bender is easy.  To get started, you program the distance between bends, the plane rotation between bends, and the bend angles.  Load a tube, press a button and production begins.  It’s that simple.  All 3 axis of motion are closed-loop feedback for excellent repeatability.  This tube bender provides unlimited part program storage, limited by your free hard disk space.

Product Details

Standard Equipment:
• Three (3) Axis CNC control operating from a Windows 8® Professional PC
• 3.8 seconds per bend (average) provides for efficient part processing – part dependent
• Unlimited part program storage, limited by free hard disk space
• AC Electric servo powered bend head (A axis), direct acting in line design
• Hydraulic powered clamp & pressure die
• Closed-loop feedback control of “L” (Length), “R” (Rotation), and “A” (Bend Angle)
• Drop-Away style clamp die holder with swing arm safety guards
• CW (RH) bend arm rotation – mandrel extractor not included
• Remote dual palm anti-tie down cycle switches and safety mat for safe machine operation
• Servo controlled carriage with pneumatic gripper for part length positioning and rotation
• Automatic part program cycle – includes programmable per bend speeds for the L, R & A movements
• Carriage release on last bend – allows for last bend to be close to end of tube -    programmable
• X,Y,Z To L,R,A Conversion
• Hitch Feed – No limit on part length

* Additional options available

Model RD20 eCNC High Speed