RD10 CNC Tube Bender

Product Description
The RD10 CNC tube bender is built to bend small diameter tubing including brake lines, refrigeration components, and fuel lines. Production ready, this three-axis all-electric tube bender uses a Windows-based interface for operator control. The machine comes standard as a single radius CNC tube bender. An optional dual stack bend head allows a user to bend tubing using two different radii.

The RD10 bends stainless steel up to Ø10mm (3/8”) using a rotary draw process.  This technique has proven to be effective for tight radius bending.  The collet closer that holds the tubing during the bending process makes use of 80 PSI shop air.  This ensures the tube is help tight before, during, and after a plane rotation.  The design of the carriage spindle allows the end of the tubing to get right up next to the bend tooling on the very last bend.  This often translates into avoiding a trimming operation after bending.

Software features include hitch feed, pause before bend, XYZ to LRA conversion, interference checking, 3 axis per bend speed settings, and more. An optional STEP file converter allows a user to read in a CAD generated STEP file direct from CAD right into the bender’s controller. No need to type in the tube’s bend data standing at the RD10, go ahead and read in the 3 dimensional bend data direct from your CAD system. It’s that simple.

The RD10 is a fast, accurate, and repeatable CNC tube bender. Designed and built in the US, this small diameter CNC bender is production ready. Give us a call with your application. We are motivated to help you reduce your cost of goods sold.

About The Machines We Build
All tube benders are designed and tested in house. We use standard purchased components to build every tube bending machine. We at Winton are proud of the quality of every tube bender sold. Please, call us today and ask how the quality of the tube bending machines we build will translate into quality bent tubing on your shop floor.

Product Details
  • Capacity: 10mm OD steel tubing

  • All electric servo driven

  • Runs on Windows-based platform

  • Able to end chuck or hitch feed

  • Tube bender users the rotary draw process

  • Safety mat with interlock swing arm guards

  • Optional mandrel bending available

  • Manual loading - Standard

  • Optional STEP file converter for reading bent profiles into bender’s controller

  • Safety mat included

  • Safety swing arm guards included with standard electrical interlock

  • Bend head guards included

  • Optional dual stack bending

  • 80 PSI shop air required

  • 3D Model Viewer for LRA Data Verification - Optional

  • Magazine loader - Optional

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