Model SH25A 3X: Single Hit Ram End Forming Machine with 3 Tool Stations

Product Description

Winton’s SH25A 3X is a single hit Pneumatic Ram Type End Forming Machine with three separate forming stations.  Each station can be tooled up for different applications.  This can involve different tube diameters each with different ram tools or the same tube diameter with different clamp die profiles and different ram tools.  This flexibility allows a manufacturer to tool up different applications in a single setup.  Designed to be flexible by eliminating change over time, this time saving approach to manufacturing provides for endless possibilities.

Save time tooling up with Winton's newest Single End Forming solution for small diameter alumninum and copper tubing.  Ideal for Refrigeration manufacturing.

Product Details


  • Single-hit ram type end forming with three station clamping
  • Independent clamping stations machined into one clamp assembly
  • Three independent ram tool stations
  • Keypad and display for user interface
  • Pneumatic powered – hydraulic or electric servo available
  • Optional foot switch
  • Stout steel frame ensures repeatable parts
  • All guards included