Model RT23 Rotary Transfer Tube Forming System

Product Description

This tube fabrication system offers the ultimate flexibility when processing your tubular parts for production. Start by saving money and buying your material on a bulk spool where we can help you decide which of our many Rotary Position Uncoilers is right for your operations. Next, one operator can feed, straighten, cut, end form, bend, and unload a complete part. The flexibility is in the software which allows the operator to bypass any of the operations as needed to meet your production needs.

Add an additional option:

  • A programmable drill station
  • Double or triple hit end forming
  • Multi-part processing
  • A power mandrel extractor for tight radius bending with automatic lubrication
  • A variety of payoffs (Rotary Position Uncoilers)
Product Details

RT23 Forming System - Cut, End form, and Bend in One system to include:

  • Seven (7) axis electric servo forming system, straighten + cut + end form + bend +  unload
  • Windows Professional PC user interface with program storage
  • System pulls from a level wound vertical coil - payoff not included
  • Horizontal powered transfer roll dies and vertical powered straightener section
  • Pull-apart type chipless cut for minimum burr to the inside of the tube
  • Three (3) axis servo pick-n-place with pneumatic gripper to transport cut tube
  • Single hit ram end former with automatic lube
  • Clockwise Ø23mm tube OD capacity with dual stack rotary draw CNC bend head
  • Two (2) axis electric servo carriage with boost + Electric bend head
  • Pneumatic pick-n-place for unloading of formed tubes into customer supplied bin
  • Oil containment for end former with user friendly drain
  • Light tower status indicator – lets operator know the status of the system
  • Box guarding with electrical interlock
  • 80 PSI shop air required
  • TRAINING: Two (2) Days at customer’s facility (US or Canada)

Standard voltage: 208/3/60                 

Model RT23