20mm All Electric CNC Tube Bender

Product Description

This simple to use All Electric Rotary Draw CNC Tube Bender is built for high-speed production. Its simple user interface makes training less cumbersome and reduces operator errors. This tube bender is ideal for bending small diameter tubing in a variety of industries such as instrumentation, HVAC, and aerospace.

You can count on this bender to produce tubular components that have part to part repeatability reducing waste which is critical with the ever-rising cost of raw tubular material. Tubing material can vary from stainless steel to aluminum to copper and more. This CNC tube bender has a wide range of adaptable options to maximize your production efficiency when bending small diameter tubing allowing for a faster ROI. Are you needing to bend Serpentine tubes? No problem, simply add an optional Serpentine bend head. The video of this machine depicts the XL version allowing for fabrication of longer tubular parts when bending over a mandrel. It also shows the optional magazine tube loader and a simple bin for the collection of bent tubular parts. Adding a tube loader and unloader is a simple way to reduce your manufacturing labor costs.

Running in a Windows environment, the software allows for unlimited part length, direct from CAD to tube Bender software, unlimited part storage, and much more. Interlocked bend tooling is designed specifically for your small diameter tube configurations.  Winton offers a full line of tube benders for various applications as well as tube straighteners, Tube cutting machines, Tube End Formers and Tube Expanders.

Winton can build you a stand-alone solution or fully automated tube fabrication solution. This CNC tube bender is designed and manufactured in the State of Georgia. Made in the USA.

Product Details

Standard Features/Specifications:


3D Part Viewer Software

Allows for viewing the LRA bend data in 3D graphics before a part is bent on the machine. 

Soft Clamp Detection

This feature will cause the clamp die to retract when an unexpected object is detected prior to clamping up on a tube.

Maximum CLR is 2.20”.

Step File Converter Software

Converts ISO 10303 standard 3D STEP files into LRA bender data; STEP files from ProE, Solid Works, Solid Edge, AutoCad Inventor, etc. can be imported directly from your engineering dept.  Requires 3D part viewer option.

Hydraulic Mandrel Extractor

Automatically advances and retracts a plug or ball mandrel

Dual Radius

Dual Stack Bending, Capability of Bending Parts With 2 Radii, Includes Overhead Tie Bars, End Chuck length becomes 37”.

Wiper Die Holder

Used for tight radius bending


Maximum # of Bends

Maximum 64 Bends Per Part

Machine Capacity

0.750” OD x 0.049” (20mm x 1.25mm) Wall Mild Steel

0.750” OD x 0.035” (20mm x 0.90mm) Wall Stainless

0.750” OD x 0.065” (20mm x 1.65mm) Wall Aluminum

0.875” OD x 0.040” (22mm x 1.00mm) Wall Copper

Machine Repeatability

Length ± 0.002” (± 0.050mm), Rotation ± 0.1°, Angle ± 0.1°

Bend Arm Rotation

190° Maximum

L Speed (feed), Inch/Sec.

24 (607mm)

R Speed (rotation), °/Sec.


A Speed (bend), °/Sec.


Maximum Bend Radius

3” (75mm) Centerline Radius

Maximum Tube Length

36”  (914mm) End Chuck – unlimited with hitch feed

Input (Mains) Power

208/220 VAC, 50/60Hz, Three Phase

Operator’s Manual

English – Flash Drive with Electronic Copy (.PDF)

Control Panel/Display   

High Resolution Color Display

Product Video