Model ME Mandrel Extractor

Product Description
The Process
Load the hose/connector with mandrel installed and press a button to extract to extract the mandrel. It is that simple.  The multi-position jaw design allows for many different hose/connector lengths.  Drop your part in and extract.
Winton designs, builds, and delivers transfer machines for high speed tube fabrication.  Bending, punching, end forming, assembly, and more are configurable on standard transfer platforms. Making use of standard forming modules, a typical 4 bend part can drop complete once every 5 to 6 seconds.  Contact Winton to discuss your application today.
  • Model: ME
  • Hydraulic extractor
  • 110/60/1 service req'd
  • Multi-position jaw design allows for quick setup
  • tool mount provides for quick change insert to hold connector in place
  • All guards included

Mandrel Extractor