Model CTL-23PE: CNC Tube Cutoff Machine with Integrated End Former

Product Description

Combining a Straight CNC Tube Cutoff with Ram Type End Former

Winton's CTL-23PE reduces labor costs and floor space by integrating your cutting and end forming process into one machine. You can further reduce your material costs by purchasing your aluminum or copper tubing on a spool. 

Increased Efficiency with End Forming & Tube Cutting in One Machine

Combining the tube cutting process with end forming equates to reduced labor time required to make your parts in comparison to performing 2 separate operations. This model cuts and end forms small diameter aluminum and copper tubing up to 23 mm. It's flexibility along with "no Q time" makes it an ideal machine for HVAC and Refrigeration manufacturing.

Available in a single hit configuration, this production ready machine will maintain quality while at the same time reduce your cost of goods sold. 


Winton Machine is a global leader in tube and coax fabricating machines. We offer custom solutions that add value to our customers' bottom line, along with exceptional technical support. For pricing, details, or any other questions, contact Winton Machine today.

Product Details
  • PLC controlled cutting  & ram type end forming
  • Touch screen user interface used to control cutting and ram end forming
  • Capacity: 7/8 OD copper tubing
  • Feed rate: 10" per second, optional  HS available
  • Electric Servo controlled roll drive used to feed material forward
  • Multi-roll powered straightener, horizontal
  • Free standing machine with NEMA electrical box
  • Programmable part cut lengths, inches/mm
  • Programmable number of parts to cut
  • Interlocked guards, guard must be in position to operate
  • Access to Customer online Training videos