Model AB6 Rotary Compression Tube Bending Machine

Product Description

Winton's Model AB6 tube bender is ideal for bending single bend parts.  It's suited for small tube outside diameters of less than .250". 

• Pneumatic powered clamp, wipe roller, and bend cylinders
• Microprocessor controlled
• Dual palm cycle start for machine safety
• Stout steal frame for modular mounting in automation cell
• Adjustable bend angle
• Fixed centerline bend radius, customer to specify bend radius
• Heavy duty bearings guide bend head spindle
• Clockwise arm rotation is standard, CCW is available
• Assembly documentation including bend sequence included

Product Details

Weight                                      65 lbs
Footprint                                   20” wide  x 18” deep
Mounting                                   bench
Air pressure                               80° psi shop air, 120 psi maximum

Machine capacity                      1/4” OD mild steel tubing x .020” wall x 3D bend
Bend angle repeatability           ± 0.15° (machine repeatability)
Maximum bend angle              Customer specified
Bend speed                               4 to 6 seconds for a complete 45° bend cycle

Benchtop Rotary-Compression Tube Bender