Model 2500 Vertical Compression Bender

Product Description
The model 2500 tube bending machine is a hydraulic powered vertical compression tube bender intended for production use.  Parts with multiple bends can be programmed via keypad and display.  An encoder mounted to the wing die spindle monitors the bend angles.  Designed for high volume production, the Model 2500 makes a 90 degree bend in 3 second cycle time.  This machine is production ready.
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  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Capacity: 2-1/4 OD steel tubing
  • Linear ball bearings guide ram cylinder
  • Linear ball bearings guide cushion cylinder
  • Power: 240/480 3 phase
  • High resoluton encoder monitors bend angle
  • Program up to 10 bends per part
  • Springback compensation
  • Program storage
Model 2500 Vertical Compression Tube Bending Machine Winton Machine