M23 & M35 Tube Straighteners

Product Description

The M Series is a free standing machine with a variable speed control, a forward and reverse switch, and an E stop switch for safe operation.

All tube straighteners are designed and tested in house.  We use standard purchased components to build every machine.  We at Winton are proud of the quality of every tube straightener delivered.  Please, call us today and ask how the quality of the tube fabricating machines we build will translate into quality tubular parts on your shop floor.  The M Series power straighteners are designed to straighten copper or aluminum tubing.

The tube straighteners can process tubing that is semi straight to start with or from a level wound spool.  A Baldor AC motor will pull a 250 pound level wound spool of tubing from an optional payoff.

  • Capacity:  .875” OD copper tubing (M23) & 1.375" OD copper tubing (M35)
  • No. of rolls: 6 rolls in (1) horizontal plane
  • Adjustments: Adjustable rolls for true alignment
  • Safety: All guards included (side guards not shown)
  • Maximum feed rate: 8" per second
  • Tooling: (1) set of roll dies included
  • Power requirements: 220VAC, customer specified, single phase
  • Dimensions: 14" wide x 23" long x 38" tall (free standing machine)
  • Option #1: Encoder for integration
  • Option #2: payoff for holding horizontal bulk spool
  • Option #3: digital readout including an encoder for measuring material processed