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What's Our Angle?

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The AM75 (Angle Meister) is a digital protractor designed to measure the bend angle of numerous bent configurations with the use of one fixed arm and one dynamic arm. This is a precision, built-to-last machine that provides simplicity for bend angle measuring and ensures the most accurate real-time bend angle updates with its ability to be calibrated upon power up or at any other point during its operation.

Read what Donnie Moses at American Metal Technology, Inc. has to say. 

“The AM75 has performed well for American Metal Technology.  The machine gives very accurate angular measurements to the tenth of a degree.  The encoder on our previous machine worked in hundredths of a rotation.  1/100 of a rotation is 3.6 degrees.  So prior to the purchase and implementation the best we could hope for was to be within 3.6 degrees of nominal.  Now with the AM75 we have increased our encoder resolution to 1/1000 of a rotation allowing our total variation on rotation to be controlled within .36 degrees +/-.  Winton modified its AM75 with the taller fences allowing us to measure a full range of PVC coils that we manufacture.  It is no hindrance measuring smaller parts but is invaluable in measuring a coil 16-18” tall.  The specially modified AM 75 we purchased has now been incorporated into our daily work instructions and inspection procedures.”

-Donnie Moses
Vice President of Operations

American Metal Technology of TN, LLC

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This machine was modified to
American Metal Technology's

Read more about the AM 75 measuring machine on the Winton Machine Company Website. 

AM75 button              Measuring the Bend

Winton Machine Receives Manufacturer of the Year Award

Movers and shakers award

Winton Machine was recently honored to receive the 2015 Partnership Gwinnett Movers and Shakers Small Manufacturer of the Year award. Finalists for this award are analyzed on their economic impact, corporate responsibility and workforce excellence. 

About the Author

George Winton, P.E. designs and builds CNC tube fabrication equipment for Winton Machine in Suwanee, GA. He can be reached at gwinton@wintonmachine.com or 888.321.1499

About the Machines We Build 

All of our semi-rigid coax and tube fabrication machines at Winton are designed, manufactured, and tested in-house.  We have a large line of standard products as well as the ability to engineer the best solution for our customer’s needs.  Our experienced sales staff makes sure that our customers can justify their capital equipment investment by offering a solution that is exactly what they need in order to manufacture their parts.  Please contact us today to discuss your project.