DRB25 CNC Drum Bender

Product Description

The model DRB25 is a unique CNC Coil Bender designed to roll multiple layer coils and or coils with one (1) leg in.  CNC Roll benders built by Winton have been designed for production tube bending. Whether your application requires forming single or double wound stainless and copper coils used by various industries.  Winton’s standard two-axis controller will form an infinite number of part configurations.  These tube benders are built to provide long term production use.  This CNC tube bender allows the user to bend small and large diameter double layer coils.



Product Details

Model DRB25 Drum Bender, Standard Equipment:

  • PLC controlled  -  with keypad and display for 3 axis control
  • PC interface for program editing and data management  -  includes Windows laptop
  • Programmable number of layers (maximum of 2) on the Y axis
  • Electric drum drive - Z axis with closed loop control for accurate winding
  • Electric servo X axis with maximum 3 programmable pitches
  • Hydraulic closed-loop control on the Y axis
  • Both right hand and left hand models available – left hand machine shown above
  • Guarding interlocked with controller + E stop for safe machine operation + anti-rotation bar
  • NEMA box for electrical controls


Options Available:

  • Overhead lamp signal to indicate machine status: In cycle, load tube, and idle
  • Capability to roll with leg in, multi-level coils, and variable pitches 
  • Capability of winding CW and CCW single level coils 
  • Addional box guarding on 3 sides of this CNC Tube Bender.
  • Safety Floor Scanner
  • Multiple software options - ask for a quote today
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