DH50 Double Hit Ram End Forming Machine

Product Description

Quick change tooling is used to keep change over times to a minimum.  For example, our 37 degree flaring tool set takes 3 minutes to change out.  Other similar tools would be for brake line flaring, bubble flaring, and double flaring of a tube end.

PLC controlled, the DH50 tube end former can be programmed to make a single hit or a double hit end form.

In stock end former tooling would be single hit tooling for a bead, simple expansion/reduction, or a single flare. 

Double hit end forms can take the shape of a double flare (automotive end forming) or a 2 stage expansion/reduction.  With (1) additional die change, an end form that requires 3 hits, such as an Aeroquip bump o-ring groove, can be made.  37 degree flaring is common for this type of production machinery.

The DH50 end former makes use of a hydraulic clamp and ram.  This ensures that the Cp and Cpk stay on target.  All cylinders, switches, relays, and valves are common in Europe, Asia, and the United States.  In addition, Winton provides world class support for all of its products including its programmable end formers.  Buying a machine is one thing,  It’s the post sales support that you need to consider.  Winton delivers rock solid support with every end forming machine.

All tube end formers are designed and tested in house.  We use standard purchased components to build every tube end forming machine.  We at Winton are proud of the quality of every tube end former sold.  Please, call us today and ask how the quality of the end formers we build will translate into quality end formed parts on your shop floor.  Winton’s double hit tube end former is designed to form the ends of a tube for industrial applications.  Typical end formers may be a 37 degree flare, double flare, bead, or a bump o-ring groove type end form.


  • Features/Benefits
  • Capacity up to 50mm in diameter x .065” wall
  • Programmable single or double hit end forming
  • Hydraulic powered clamp and ram
  • Proximity switches to verify position of clamp and ram
  • Compact footprint – requires minimal shop floor space
  • E stop for safe operation
  • Interlocked guard covers all moving parts
  • Quick change tooling provides for minimal tool change over time
  • 80 PSI shop air required
DH50 Double Hit End Former