Customer Success Story: The Winton CX6 Provides Solution for Increased Demand and Complexity of Semi-rigid Coax Cable Assemblies

by | Jul 2, 2021 | News

East Coast Microwave Sales & Distribution (ECM) is a national distributor and supplier specializing in RF/Microwave connectors, cables and components. Among other industries, they primarily serve the military and aerospace sectors. About 12 years ago, ECM recognized the opportunity to provide their customers with complete semi-rigid coax cable assemblies. Initially, their customer requests were for simple assemblies that could be bent utilizing hand bending fixtures.

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East Coast Microwave Logo

Increased demand and complexity

After a few years, more complex requests started coming in from their customers. Some requests included 3D bend requirements which are more challenging to bend by hand. ECM needed the proper tools and technology to manage increased demand and complexity.

Finding the right engineered solution

Alan Mond, ECM President said,

“We did a lot of research to find a CNC semi-rigid coax bending machine that could also give us 3D capabilities. Winton Machine kept coming up as a top pick and about two years ago we purchased their CX6 CNC coax cable bending machine.”

Winton Machine CX6 CNC bending semi-rigid coaxial cable for a custom military application

Winton Machine CX6 CNC bending semi-rigid coaxial cable for a custom military application

Ongoing support

Winton initially programmed the CX6 to accommodate ECM customers’ standard sizes and bend radii. As different sizes and bend radius specifications were required, ECM relied on Winton software engineers to provide additional programming capabilities and support.

Current production

With the Winton CX6, ECM produces small to medium sized batches of 500 to 1,000 units daily. Because of the CNC bender’s reliability, speed and programming flexibility, they can fulfill most customer orders within 24 hours.

Winton CX6 All Electric Semi-Rigid Coax CNC Bender


About ECM

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