CTL-23PA - CNC Tube Cut-To-Length Machine

Product Description

The CTL-23PA automatic tube cutter comes standard with programmable part quantity and programmable cut length.  80 psi shop air ensures the tube is clamped during the cutting process.  A material low indicator is used to sense the end of a straight length and alerts the user to load the next straight length for processing.  The software doesn’t miss a beat, keeping track of the number of parts cut as new straight lengths are loaded into the machine.

Level wound spools of copper and aluminum can be processed with this tube cutting system.  Thin wall stainless steel can be cut using this technique as well.

Automatic feed & cut...that is what the CTL-23PA tube processing system is designed to do.

The CTL-23PA is a free standing tube cutoff machine that automatically feeds and cuts from a bulk spool of tubing (level wound spool) or straight lengths.  Designed for production, the CTL-23PA automatic tube cutter makes use of two backup rolls and (1) chipless type cutter to cut through small diameter tubing.  With the tubing clamped, the backup rolls and cutter come in to make the cut.  As the cutter continues to come in, the backup rolls plateau on the tube’s outside diameter thus providing excellent support during the chipless-cutting process.

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Keypad & display for user input
  • Capacity: 7/8 OD copper tubing
  • Feed rate: 12" per second, maximum
  • Automatic pull-apart chipless  type cut
  • Automatic unload
  • Electric Servo used to feed material forward
  • Multi-roll powered straightener, horizontal
  • Free standing machine with NEMA electrical box
  • 5 speed settings for material feed rate
  • Programmable part cut lengths, inches/mm
  • Programmable number of parts to cut
  • Material low indicator used to detect end of material/bar stock
  • Top interlocked guard (guard must be in position to operate)
  • Training videos online
  • Optional PC interface for programming
  • Batch processing via optional PC interface
  • Optional horizontal payoff, non powered