CTL-23PA HS - High Speed Tube Cut-Off Machine

Product Description

Automatically feed and cut tubes with the CTL-23PA HS high speed tube cutting machine

Winton's Model CTL-23PA is an Automatic Feed and Cut machine allowing the customer to feed their material off a coil and straighten and cut.  The user can also feed straight lengths into the machine.  There is a cost savings in material and time feeding it off a spool.

This tube cutting machine allows the user to program their part length without stopping the machine for continuous production. 

The photo featured here depicts an example of a customer specific solution where Winton was able to add a Dual powered payoff and an extended table to support the long length of material.  The video features the high speed option available.  There are a wide array of various options to meet our customer's specific manufacturing needs.

Product Details

Model CTL-23PA Automatic Feed & Cut - Standard Equipment, Including:

• Microprocessor controlled with single plane horizontal straightener
• Closed loop feedback system used to feed material forward
• Chipless type cut, cut head rotates about static material
• Automatic pull apart type cut or depth type cut are standard, user selectable
• Quick Change Backup Cam system for minimal change-over time
• Programmable material feed rate (1 thru 5)
• Programmable part cut length- able to change part length without stopping machine
• Programmable number of parts to cut, able to change quantity without stopping machine
•  (2) pneumatic clamp assemblies for material support (clamp dies not included)
• Free standing machine with NEMA box for all electrical controls
• Material low indicator switch used to detect end of tubing
• Interlocked guards, guards must be in position to operate cut head
• Optional Snap-Type Cut – can reduce the roll over to the inside on small diameter tubes