Pre-swaging Crimping Machine

Product Description

This crimping tool pre-swages ferrules onto small tubular lines, thus reducing overall build time. The pneumatic device quickly locates and crimps a sleeve into position on the end of a tube. The device sees its quickest payback when the fittings are installed at a sub assembly level and the tubes are cut and bent.  This allows the technician to install the final tubular assemblies in less time. The device also improves quality by ensuring the crimping process is consistently applied.  Some of the applications include lubrication lines and laboratory equipment.  

Product Details

Standard Features:

  • All pneumatic device used to crimp ferrules on metal tubing
  • Interchangeable tooling allows for manufacturing flexibility
  • User adjustable crimping force via pneumatic regulator
  • Consistent crimping – hour after hour, day after day
  • Easy access cycle start switch
  • Setup time < 30 seconds
Crimp Meister
Product Video