CNC Probe Bender

Product Description
The bench top needle bender is programmable to bend small diameter probes/needles to high precision tolerances. Repeatable to within .0002", a user can bend multiple needles at a time. The all electric bend head makes use of a closed look feedback system to ensure repeatability. Production ready, applications involve bending probes/needles ranging in diameter from .006" to .030". Contact Winton to discuss your application today.
  • Model: NB1
  • Capacity: 1mm OD stainless steel rod
  • All electric drives
  • 80 PSI shop air required
  • Repeatability or ram: ±.0002"
  • Bench mounted
  • Programmable ram speed
  • Fast production bending
  • Both manual operation and full automatic operation
  • Camara included to view bending action

NB1 Probe Bender